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Why work for Triple-S?

- Over 55 years of experience
- Financial standing
- Excellent compensation and benefit packages
- Growth and mobility opportunities within the Grupo Triple-S companies
-A place to establish a long-term career

If you are looking for a job that will help you grow, challenge you, and offer you stability, benefits, and competitive compensation, you have come to the right place.  


Our benefits include health insurance, life insurance, 401K savings plan, vacation and sick leave, and wellness programs, among others.

What is the recruitment process like?

What happens after I fill out an application?

Our recruiters will evaluate your application and résumé.

Phone interview: 
If you qualify for the position, we will call you or email you to schedule a phone interview.

Interview with the manager:
 If you are selected among the best candidates for the position, we will schedule an interview with the manager in charge of the position.

Offer:   If you satisfactorily complete the interview process and are selected for the position, you will receive a letter with an employment offer.

On-Boarding:  If you decide to accept the offer made by Triple-S, you will receive a welcome call to initiate your integration process as a company employee.

"Gente Valiosa" Employee Program

STAR - Triple-S Recognition and Motivation Program

This program is designed to acknowledge and reward those teams or employees whose performance and attitude contribute to our organizational excellence.

This program is focused on continuing to strengthen Triple-S’s mission and service standards.

Health and Wellness Program

-Annual physical exam
-Zumba classes

4horas valiosas (“4 Valuable Hours”)

At Triple-S, we are deeply committed to improving the quality of life of the communities we serve. This is how the program “4horas valiosas” was born. This is an initiative that allows our employees to do 4 monthly hours of volunteer work during working hours in participating organizations.

It is policy at Triple-S Management Corporation and its direct or indirect subsidiaries (henceforth “the Corporation”) to not discriminate against any employee or job applicant due to age, race, color, sex, pregnancy, marriage, civil state, family ties, social or national origin, social status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or condition, political affiliation, political or religious ideology, being a victim or perceived victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or harassment, being ex-military or military personnel, serving or having served in the Armed Forced of the United States, or being a veteran. For more details, please click here..

Discriminating against an employee or job applicant due to a physical or mental disability is prohibited in relation to a position for which he or she is qualified, with or without reasonable accommodation. Covered business practices include but are not limited to employment applications, recruitment, promotions, transfers, wages, marginal benefits, training, recreational and social programs, and other forms of compensation, disciplinary action, and dismissal.

In terms of family ties, the Corporation may hire an employee’s family members, up to the fourth degree of consanguinity or second degree of affinity, when the recruitment is for one of the Corporation’s companies where the employee does not work, and in accordance with the Corporation’s policies regarding the employment of family members.

Drug-free company. Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action for Women/Veterans/People with Disabilities. Employer with E-Verify to verify the eligibility for employment of all the new employees. If you need reasonable accommodation, please contact the Human Resources Department in advance at (787) 749-4127.